You have made the decision to separate. We know it wasn’t easy and there were many factors to consider, but the decision is made. You need reassurance and clear advice. We will make sure you know your entitlements and, if required, your rights and obligations as a parent.

Children & Parenting Disputes

Your children make your house a home and they rock your world. If your relationship has broken down with your spouse, you will be concerned about how much time your children will spend with you, how you will support them financially, and how you can stay involved in their lives helping them grow into the strong, healthy and independent adults you imagined.

Megan is in your corner to provide you advice and support and help you negotiate parenting arrangements that work well for all of you.

And if negotiation isn’t possible, she will work hard to help you navigate the court process with as little financial and emotional expense as possible.

Property & Financial Settlement

You’ve worked hard to get the things you have – whether you were the 9-5’er, or you kept the household running and looked after the kids.

You want to secure your financial future and make sure your contributions are properly recognised in a financial settlement.

Whether you are married or de facto, Megan will give you the advice to help you protect your interests and negotiate a financial settlement so you can work towards reaching your goals for the future.

And if negotiation isn’t possible, Megan is in your corner guiding you through the court process.


Usually the last step in the process after negotiating a financial settlement or arrangements for your children, Megan will make the process as easy as possible for you and take care of the paperwork needed to finalise your divorce, including attending court for you if it’s necessary to do so.


My name is Megan Sweetlove. I am a lawyer, wife and mother. I am a business owner and a home owner.

I understand that after making the decision to separate, you need to know your entitlements, rights and obligations..

My experience as a family lawyer has shown me that when you are at your most vulnerable, you need sound legal advice that will protect you, your family and your assets.

Think of me as your parachute to advise you on how to make a safe landing in what can be a very emotional and difficult time in your life. In these situations, there are no winners or losers, just people needing direction and help to clear a path towards achieving their hopes and aspirations for the future.

I became a family lawyer because I am passionate about practising law and I genuinely care about families and relationships.

By choosing me to act on your behalf, you can be confident that your trust and expectations will be met as I work hard to bring you the best possible outcome. Let me be the first you turn to for sensitive, professional and timely legal advice.

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